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Don’t be limited by your drone’s battery life.

Aerial Inspections, surveillance, and monitoring require long durations of airtime. This is the main advantage of a tethered drone over conventional drones. On top of longer flight times, the LIFELINE Tethered Technology provides an additional Mechanical Restraint that prevents dreaded fly-aways. Making it safe to be used anywhere, anytime.​ The LIFELINE Tether System, unleashing new possibilities.


Rapid deployment for real-time information

Firefighters and First Responders need to act rapidly and efficiently at the scene of an incident; to secure the location and prevent damage and harm from spreading further. In order to enable the rescue teams to coordinate and plan their actions quickly, Tethered UAVs can deploy and collect live, real-time information from an immediate aerial perspective with a single operator. The drones are equipped with high-quality cameras for a detailed view of the scene and to track the locations of the teams. Infrared cameras are installed to track fire heat signatures and help locate stranded people in dark and congested locations.

flare industries-fire first response.jpg
flare industries-suveillance.jpg

Persistent eye in the sky for critical missions

UAVs are important for safe and successful tactical operations. With efficiency and ease of transport in mind, our tethered systems have been developed so that one user can deploy and maneuver the system without the need of advanced drone pilots. A drone provides real-time information with a bird-eye view of the situation. With UAVs capability for long flight times, tactical teams are able to make quick decisions with detailed environmental information.

Extended flight time for detailed works

Industrial inspections are needed to ensure that the systems are up to operable conditions. Inaccessible and risky environments such as tall structures and storage tanks can now be safely inspected with the help of drones coupled with the LIFELINE. It provides persistent power to the UAV, which is critical for time-consuming image acquisition for detailed inspections.

flare industries-industrial inspection.j

Realtime information when every minute counts

Transport and public authorities require access to real-time traffic monitoring from the air. Our tethered drones enable fast setup and deployment to record and collect data for traffic congestion, driving behavior, accident sites, and other critical information for extended periods with our powerful ground station.

flare industries-traffice management.jpg

Public safety is paramount

The tethered UAVs can have live video recording capabilities with large media storage systems for many different situations. The UAVs have access to an immediate live view of media and events for both recording and broadcasting purpose, as well as security. As drones can be flown for extended periods of time, they are optimal for observing and evaluating massive groups for security and surveillance without complication and expense of helicopters.

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Aerial Inspections in "No-Fly Zones"

Aerodromes are off-limit for UAS. Not for the LIFELINE-S. With our proven field-tested and approved tethered systems, we can now do aerial inspections in an aerodrome.​

Aircraft inspection currently requires excessive additional ground equipment such as cherry pickers and scaffolding. With the rapid turn-around-times required in commercial aviation, the use of drones with the LIFELINE drastically reduces downtime, and greatly increases efficiency, resulting in reduced costs to the customer.

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