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Skyshot is the commercial & consumer online sales distributor for the LIFELINE globally.

We work very closely with Flare Dynamics, the Inventors and Manufacturers of LIFELINE to make tethered drone systems more portable, affordable and user-friendly.

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FLARE DYNAMICS - Aerospace Engineering

Flare Dynamics is an Aerospace Precision Engineering firm specializing in the arena of Unmanned Systems and Composite Materials.

The engineering and design team has multiple years of experience in both conventional unmanned designs, as well as experimental platforms. The multi-faceted competency in mechanical, electronic, programming and design disciplines allows us to provide the optimum solution for any requirement.
We are the professionals in :

  • UAV/USV Design and Fabrication

  • Unmanned Aerial and Surface Solutions

  • Advanced Composite Design and Fabrication

  • Educational and Experimental Equipment

  • Professional UAS Test Operations Provider and System Integrator

  • Tethered Drone Solutions for DJI & customized drones

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SKYSHOT - Aerial Filming Company

SKYSHOT was started by the founders of Upside Down Concepts (UDC). UDC has completed over 2,000 film and video projects, ranging from movies, television programs, video commercials, and corporate videos.

Skyshot specializes in aerial filming and time-lapse video production. SKYSHOT’s talented crew has contributed to winning multiple awards in recent years. Some of the awards include film festivals in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Sundance & Cannes.


SKYSHOT is the creator of Tbox time-lapse camera system, a long-term time-lapse solution that works with Canon DSLRs.
for high-quality image acquisition.​

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